Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love to dress up my doll

Dressing Adele is like playing with a doll everyday. Luckily, she loves it! The moment she wakes up she says, "Clothes, boots, coke (coat)?"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We don't really do the pretty princess thing at our house, instead Adele was Peter Pan. . .
Cutest Peter Pan I have ever seen. I was determined to take her trick or treating rain or shine! She loved it once she got the hang of it. Every time she hears our doorbell now, she runs to the door with treats yelling, "Trick or Treat". We went to church the next day and to the first person we saw Adele said, "Hi, candy?" Even though people told her what a cute boy she was or that her Robin Hood costume was cute, we enjoyed this Halloween more than any other.
The whole family got into the spirit of things for a fun costume party. Tyler made an incredible Captain Hook and well since the Tinkerbell costume no longer fits, I had to go as Hook's sidekick- Smee! (Check out the big old belly peeking out of my shirt- It was perfect!)